Probate & Estate Administration / Litigation

Probate & Estate Administration / Litigation

Long Island Probate & Estate Administration / Litigation

When a loved one dies, grieving families are often on an emotional roller coaster.  Not only does the surviving spouse or family members have to deal with the very real and immediate question of funeral and burial arrangements,
they have to deal with the daunting task of securing the appointment of a fiduciary to administer the estate of the deceased.

Our office handles all phases of estate administration and will work to reduce the burden on the family.  We will work to settle the estate expeditiously in an effort to minimize any financial burdens to the family and beneficiaries.

Estate Litigation

In most estate, fiduciaries are appointed and the assets of an estate are distributed according to a decedent’s Last Will and Testament or by operation of law.  When that is not the case, our firm represents fiduciaries and beneficiaries in a variety of estate litigation matters including contested Wills and/or accounting and issues involving competency.

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